On support varieties for Lie superalgebras and finite supergroup schemes

Research paper by Christopher M. Drupieski, Jonathan R. Kujawa

Indexed on: 18 Jan '16Published on: 18 Jan '16Published in: Mathematics - Representation Theory


We study the spectrum of the cohomology rings of cocommutative Hopf superalgebras, restricted and non-restricted Lie superalgebras, and finite supergroup schemes. We also investigate support varieties in these settings and demonstrate that they have the desirable properties of such a theory. We completely characterize support varieties for finite supergroup schemes over algebraically closed fields of characteristic zero, while for non-restricted Lie superalgebras we obtain results in positive characteristic that are strikingly similar to results of Duflo and Serganova in characteristic zero. Our computations for restricted Lie superalgebras and infinitesimal supergroup schemes provide natural generalizations of foundational results of Friedlander and Parshall and of Bendel, Friedlander, and Suslin in the classical setting.