On structural and phase transitions in aluminum alloys

Research paper by Ya I Rudaev, D A Kitaeva

Indexed on: 24 Dec '18Published on: 21 Dec '18Published in: Journal of physics. Conference series


Mathematical modelling of behavior of group of the industrial aluminum alloys with initial varying grain size structure showing superplastic properties in certain temperature and strain rate ranges is presented. It is known that the structural superplasticity is connected with facilitated by fine-grained structure formation (1…10 microns) at the preliminary stage. However, for realization of superplasticity of “dynamic type” there has to be a replacement of an initial varying grain size structure state of material with another, ready for superplasticity. Therefore the used definition “the dynamic superplasticity” reflects consecutive change of states which happens in material with initial varying grain size structure under the changing temperature-rate conditions: initial varying grain size → equiaxed fine-grained structure (4…7 microns) formed under the temperature-rate conditions of superplasticity → coarse-grained at further increase in strain rate. These changes are caused b...