On selfadjoint extensions of semigroups of partial isometries

Research paper by Janez Bernik, Laurent W. Marcoux, Alexey I. Popov, Heydar Radjavi

Indexed on: 20 Nov '14Published on: 20 Nov '14Published in: Mathematics - Operator Algebras


Let $\mathcal S$ be a semigroup of partial isometries acting on a complex, infinite-dimensional, separable Hilbert space. In this paper we seek criteria which will guarantee that the selfadjoint semigroup $\mathcal T$ generated by $\mathcal S$ consists of partial isometries as well. Amongst other things, we show that this is the case when the set of final projections of elements of $\mathcal S$ generates an abelian von Neumann algebra of uniform finite multiplicity.