On rational isomorphisms of Lie algebras

Research paper by S. T. Sadetov

Indexed on: 01 Jan '07Published on: 01 Jan '07Published in: Functional Analysis and Its Applications


Let \(\mathfrak{n}\) be a finite-dimensional noncommutative nilpotent Lie algebra for which the ring of polynomial invariants of the coadjoint representation is generated by linear functions. Let \(\mathfrak{g}\) be an arbitrary Lie algebra. We consider semidirect sums \(\mathfrak{n} \dashv _\rho \mathfrak{g}\) with respect to an arbitrary representation ρ: \(\mathfrak{g}\) → der \(\mathfrak{n}\) such that the center z\(\mathfrak{n}\) of \(\mathfrak{n}\) has a ρ-invariant complement.We establish that some localization \(\tilde P(\mathfrak{n} \dashv _\rho \mathfrak{g})\) of the Poisson algebra of polynomials in elements of the Lie algebra \(\mathfrak{n} \dashv _\rho \mathfrak{g}\) is isomorphic to the tensor product of the standard Poisson algebra of a nonzero symplectic space by a localization of the Poisson algebra of the Lie subalgebra \((z\mathfrak{n}) \dashv \mathfrak{g}\). If \([\mathfrak{n},\mathfrak{n}] \subseteq z\mathfrak{n}\), then a similar tensor product decomposition is established for the localized universal enveloping algebra of the Lie algebra \(\mathfrak{n} \dashv _\rho \mathfrak{g}\). For the case in which \(\mathfrak{n}\) is a Heisenberg algebra, we obtain explicit formulas for the embeddings of \(\mathfrak{g}_P \) in \(\tilde P(\mathfrak{n} \dashv _\rho \mathfrak{g})\). These formulas have applications, some related to integrability in mechanics and others to the Gelfand-Kirillov conjecture.