On “Level of Evidence for Reliability, Validity, and Responsiveness of Physical Capacity Tasks Designed to Assess Functioning in Patients With Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review Using the COSMIN Standards.” Jakobsson M, Gutke A, Mokkink LB, Smeets R, Lundberg M. Phys Ther. 2019;99:457–477

Research paper by Denteneer L, Meirte J, Hens W, et al.

Indexed on: 30 Jun '20Published on: 23 Mar '20Published in: Physical therapy


With great interest, we have read the systematic review written by Jakobsson and colleagues. 1 The authors reviewed the level of evidence for reliability, validity, and responsiveness of physical capacity tasks. Their conclusion was that the 5-Repetition Sit-To-Stand, 50-Foot Walk, 5-Minute Walk, Progressive Isoinertial Lifting Evaluation (PILE), Timed “Up & Go,” and 1-Minute Stair Climbing tasks are promising tests for the measurement of functioning in patients with chronic low back pain (LBP). We thank the authors for their work and want to highlight the importance of research regarding clinimetric properties of physical tests. Furthermore, we would like to share our insights on some of the highlighted conclusions and help provide additional insight into the reported results.