On charge and spin ordering in a one-dimensional model with frustrating interactions

Research paper by M. S. Laad, S. Lal

Indexed on: 06 Oct '05Published on: 06 Oct '05Published in: Physics - Strongly Correlated Electrons


We study a one-dimensional extended Hubbard model with longer-range Coulomb interactions at quarter-filling in the strong coupling limit. We find two different charge-ordered ground states as the strength of the longer range interactions is varied. At lower energies, these charge ordered states drive two different spin-ordered ground states. A variety of response functions computed here bear a remarkable resemblance to recent experimental observations for organic TMTSF systems, and so we propose that these systems are proximate to a quantum critical point (QCP) associated with T=0 charge order. For a ladder system relevant to Sr_{14}Cu_{24}O_{41}, we find in-chain charge order, rung-dimer, and orbital antiferromagnetic ordered phases with varying interchain couplings and superconductivity with hole-doping.