On bifibrations of model categories

Research paper by Pierre Cagne, Paul-André Melliès

Indexed on: 29 Sep '17Published on: 29 Sep '17Published in: arXiv - Mathematics - Category Theory


In this article, we develop a notion of Quillen bifibration which combines the two notions of Grothendieck bifibration and of Quillen model structure. In particular, given a bifibration $p:\mathcal E\to\mathcal B$, we describe when a family of model structures on the fibers $\mathcal E_A$ and on the basis category $\mathcal B$ combines into a model structure on the total category $\mathcal E$, such that the functor $p$ preserves cofibrations, fibrations and weak equivalences. Using this Grothendieck construction for model structures, we revisit the traditional definition of Reedy model structures, and possible generalizations, and exhibit their bifibrational nature.