On a problem of K. Mahler: Diophantine approximation and Cantor sets

Research paper by Jason Levesley, Cem Salp, Sanju Velani

Indexed on: 04 May '05Published on: 04 May '05Published in: Mathematics - Number Theory


Let $K$ denote the middle third Cantor set and ${\cal A}:= \{3^n : n = 0,1,2, >... \} $. Given a real, positive function $\psi$ let $ W_{\cal A}(\psi)$ denote the set of real numbers $x$ in the unit interval for which there exist infinitely many $(p,q) \in \Z \times {\cal A} $ such that $ |x - p/q| < \psi(q) $. The analogue of the Hausdorff measure version of the Duffin-Schaeffer conjecture is established for $ W_{\cal A}(\psi) \cap K $. One of the consequences of this is that there exist very well approximable numbers, other than Liouville numbers, in $K$ -- an assertion attributed to K. Mahler.