Observable Topological Effects of Mobius Molecular Devices

Research paper by Nan Zhao, H. Dong, Shuo Yang, C. P. Sun

Indexed on: 03 Sep '08Published on: 03 Sep '08Published in: Quantum Physics


We study the topological properties of quantum states for the spinless particle hopping in a Mobius ladder. This system can be regarded as a molecular device possibly engineered from the aromatic Mobius annulenes, which enjoys a pseudo-spin orbital interaction described by a non-Abelian gauge structure. It results from the nontrivial topology of configuration space, and results in various observable effects, such as optical spectral splitting. The transmission spectrum through the Mobius molecular device is calculated to demonstrate a topological effect as a destructive interferences in the conduction band. The induced interaction also leads to an entanglement between the transverse and longitudinal modes for any locally factorized state.