Numerically Analytical Methods of Solution of the Diffraction Problem on the Nonlinear Dielectric Layer

Research paper by V. V. Yatsyk

Indexed on: 17 Dec '03Published on: 17 Dec '03Published in: Physics - Computational Physics


On an example of the open nonlinear electrodynamic system - transverse non-homogeneous, isotropic, nonlinear (a Kerr-like dielectric nonlinearity) dielectric layer, the algorithms of solution of the diffraction problem of a plane wave on the nonlinear object are shown. The first of them based on the iterative scheme is applicable to the solution of non-homogeneous system of the second kind nonlinear equations. The second algorithm bases on construction of system of the holomorphic nonlinear equations and application of the Newtonian method for the solution of the nonlinear equations system.