Numerical Study on an Unsteady Flow of an Immiscible Micropolar Fluid Sandwiched Between Newtonian Fluids Through a Channel

Research paper by M. Devakar, Ankush Raje; Shashikant Kumar

Indexed on: 12 Jan '19Published on: 01 Nov '18Published in: Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics


This paper deals with an unsteady flow of a micropolar fluid sandwiched between Newtonian fluids through a horizontal channel. The governing time-dependent partial differential equations are solved numerically by using the Crank-Nicolson finite difference approach. The continuity of velocity and shear stress is considered at the fluid–fluid interfaces. It is observed that the fluid velocities increase with time; eventually, a steady state is reached at a certain time instant. The velocity decreases with increasing micropolarity parameter in the micropolar fluid region and remains almost unchanged in both Newtonian fluid regions.