Numerical Simulations Of Particle Acceleration In Relativistic Shocks With Application To AGN Central Engines

Research paper by John Quenby, Athina Meli

Indexed on: 23 Jan '01Published on: 23 Jan '01Published in: Astrophysics


Numerical modelling is performed for extreme relativistic parallel shocks with upstream Lorentz factor $\Gamma=50$. Assuming the scattering is either large angle or over pitch angles $\sim \Gamma^{-1}$, spectral flattening and shock aaceleration speed-up is found. The energy gain for the first shock cycle is $\sim \Gamma^{2}$. The likely output from relativistic shocks due to the infall from the accretion disk to the AGN black hole is computed. Neutrinos from proton-gamma interactions may be detectable with planned neutrino telescopes.