Numerical investigation of gasdynamic features of control jets

Research paper by V. M. Dvoretskii, V. V. Zelentsov

Indexed on: 01 Nov '78Published on: 01 Nov '78Published in: Fluid Dynamics


Numerical methods, based on first order difference schemes are used to investigate features of three-dimensional subsonic and supersonic flows of an inviscid non-heat-conducting gas in control jets. Elements of the nozzle channels considered are axisymmetric, and flow symmetry arises from the nonaxial feature of the prenozzle volume and the subsonic part of the nozzle, or because of nonaxiality of elements of the supersonic part. In the first case the nozzle includes an asymmetric subsonic region in which reverse-circulatory flow is observed, and in the second case it includes a region of sudden expansion of the supersonic flow from the asymmetric stagnation zone.