Numerical Analysis of the Formation of Shaped-Charge Jets from Charges with Conical and Semi-Spherical Liners of Variable Thickness

Research paper by S. V. Ladov, Ya. M. Nikol’skaya, S. V. Fedorov

Indexed on: 28 Aug '19Published on: 28 Aug '19Published in: Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves


Studies of shaped charges with hemispherical liners of degressive thickness (decreasing from the top to the base) were continued based on numerical simulation. The possibility of increasing not only the velocity but also the mass of the head elements of shaped-charge jets to the level provided by conical liners of progressive thickness were analyzed. For this purpose, liners of degressive thickness in the form of a truncated sphere and a semi-ellipsoid slightly elongated along the charge axis were additionally studied.