Nucleophilic Hydroxylation in Water Media Promoted by a Hexa-Ethylene Glycol-Bridged Dicationic Ionic Liquid.

Research paper by Vinod H VH Jadhav, Jin Gwan JG Kim, Hyeon Jin HJ Jeong, Dong Wook DW Kim

Indexed on: 27 Jun '15Published on: 27 Jun '15Published in: Journal of Organic Chemistry


Hexaethylene glycol bis(3-hexaethylene glycol imidazolium) dimesylate ionic liquid (hexaEG-DHIM) was designed and prepared as a highly efficient promoter for the nucleophilic hydroxylation of alkyl halides to the corresponding alcohol products in neat water media. It was observed that hexaEG-DHIM promoter enhanced the nucleophilicity of water significantly in the reaction. In addition, the hexaEG-DHIM could be reused several times without loss of activity. Moreover, the hydroxylation reactions of base-sensitive and/or polar alkyl halide substrates proceeded highly chemoselectively in excellent yields.