Nuclear orientation study of54Mn impurity in Pt100-xFex alloy

Research paper by M. Trhlík, B. Sedlák, V. P. Parfenova, A. L. Erzinkyan, G. M. Gurevich, S. V. Topalov, P. Malinský, V. N. Pavlov

Indexed on: 01 Jun '89Published on: 01 Jun '89Published in: Hyperfine Interactions


The low temperature nuclear orientation of54Mn in Pt99.95Fe0.05, Pt99.9Fe0.1, Pt99Fe1 and Pt88Fe12 has been studied in the temperature range 12–50 mK and in the external magnetic field range 0–1.2 T. The strong temperature and external magnetic field dependence of the effective fieldBeff on54Mn has been observed even in the range where the host itself is magnetically saturated. This behaviour is interpreted by noncollinearity of the Mn magnetic moments with respect to the macroscopic magnetisation direction.