Nuclear-charge polarization at scission in the 12 MeV proton-induced fission of 232Th

Research paper by I. Nishinaka, H. Nakahara, Y. Nagame

Indexed on: 07 Aug '07Published on: 07 Aug '07Published in: The European Physical Journal A


The most probable charges of secondary fragments, produced after neutron evaporation from primary fragments, have been evaluated using fractional cumulative and mass yields in the 12MeV proton-induced fission of 232Th . The nuclear-charge polarization of primary fragments at scission has been obtained by correcting the most probable charge of secondary fragments for neutron evaporation. The fragment mass dependence of the nuclear-charge polarization at scission shows good agreement with that for thermal neutron-induced fission of 235U , indicating that the nuclear-charge polarization is nearly insensitive to mass and excitation energy of the fissioning nucleus for asymmetric fission in the actinide region.