Novel structurally tuned DAMN receptor for “in situ” diagnosis of bicarbonate in environmental waters

Research paper by Masood Ayoub Kaloo, Ramya Sunder Raman, Jeyaraman Sankar

Indexed on: 20 Mar '16Published on: 02 Mar '16Published in: Analyst


A new diaminomalenonitrile (DAMN) based charge transfer (CT) chromophore has been designed and synthesized. The receptor demonstrates highly specific and prompt bicarbonate anion (HCO3−) sensing in aqueous solution. Interaction with HCO3− triggers facile CT across the system, and enables the in situ recognition of water soluble carbonates. The recognition allows us to obtain qualitative as well as quantitative information from aqueous media. The inimitable potential of the receptor was further utilized for monitoring bicarbonate in a range of environmental waters.

Graphical abstract 10.1039/C6AN00218H.gif