Novel report of an adrenal adenoma in a newborn.

Research paper by Animesh A Rathore, Daniel G DG Solomon, B Joyce BJ Simpson, Stephanie A SA Massaro, David D Chhieng, Karen A KA Diefenbach

Indexed on: 21 Jul '12Published on: 21 Jul '12Published in: Journal of Pediatric Surgery


An adrenal mass in a newborn usually suggests a diagnosis of neuroblastoma or hemorrhage. A 6-week-old girl was referred for evaluation of a left adrenal mass. The initial findings were most consistent with an adrenal hemorrhage. On surveillance imaging, the lesion was characterized as a complex cystic mass. The patient subsequently developed lesions in the right adrenal gland and liver as well as multiple cutaneous lesions. Although the contralateral adrenal and hepatic lesions resolved spontaneously, the left adrenal and cutaneous lesions persisted. Subsequent imaging revealed that the mural components of the left adrenal mass had increased in size, and at age 13 months, a laparoscopic left adrenalectomy was performed. A benign adrenal adenoma with myxoid changes was reported on surgical pathology. This is the first reported case in a newborn.