Novel Geometrical Voxelization Approach with Application to Streamlines

Research paper by Hsien-Hsi Hsieh, Chin-Chen Chang, Wen-Kai Tai, Han-Wei Shen

Indexed on: 10 Sep '10Published on: 10 Sep '10Published in: Journal of Computer Science and Technology


This paper presents a novel geometrical voxelization algorithm for polygonal models. First, distance computation is performed slice by slice on graphics processing units (GPUs) between geometrical primitives and voxels for line/surface voxelization. A novel solid filling process is then proposed to assist surface voxelization and achieve solid voxelization. Furthermore, using the proposed transfer functions, both binary and anti-aliasing voxelizations are achievable. Finally, the proposed approach can be applied to voxelize streamlines for 3D vector fields using line voxelization. The proposed approach obtains desired experimental results.