Novel dysferlin mutations and characteristic muscle atrophy in late-onset Miyoshi myopathy.

Research paper by Naoki N Suzuki, Masashi M Aoki, Toshiaki T Takahashi, Daiki D Takano, Masahiro M Asano, Yusei Y Shiga, Yoshiaki Y Onodera, Maki M Tateyama, Yasuto Y Itoyama

Indexed on: 30 Apr '04Published on: 30 Apr '04Published in: Muscle & Nerve


Miyoshi myopathy is characterized by weakness of the calf muscles during early adulthood. We report a case of late-onset Miyoshi myopathy presenting at 48 years of age, with novel mutations in the dysferlin gene. Muscle computed tomography clearly revealed severe atrophy in the soleus and medial gastrocnemius muscles. Even older patients with atrophy in the posterior compartment of the distal lower extremities and a relatively high serum creatine kinase level should be examined for the dysferlin gene.