Notes on Bundles on K3s

Research paper by E. Sharpe

Indexed on: 02 Jun '98Published on: 02 Jun '98Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


In this technical note we describe a new (to the physics literature) construction of bundles on Calabi-Yaus. We primarily study this construction in the special case of K3 surfaces, for which interesting results can be obtained. For example, we use this construction to give plausibility arguments for a relationship between spaces of solutions of Hitchin's equations and moduli spaces of bundles on K3s. Also, in a recent paper it was proposed by C. Vafa that the mirror to a bundle on a Calabi-Yau n-fold is, in a particular sense, a supersymmetric n-cycle on the mirror Calabi-Yau. We use this new construction to observe that for the special case of K3s, Vafa's mirror data also specifies a bundle directly on the mirror K3, and so we potentially have a duality between bundles on any one K3 and other bundles on the mirror K3.