Note: Direct force and ionic-current measurements on DNA in a nanocapillary.

Research paper by O O Otto, L J LJ Steinbock, D W DW Wong, J L JL Gornall, U F UF Keyser

Indexed on: 08 Sep '11Published on: 08 Sep '11Published in: The Review of scientific instruments


We have developed optical tweezers, with force measurements based on fast video tracking, for analysis and control of DNA translocation through nanocapillaries. Nanocapillaries are single-molecule biosensors with very similar characteristics to solid-state nanopores. Our novel experimental setup allows for ionic-current measurements in which the nanocapillary is oriented perpendicular to the trapping laser. Using video-based particle tracking, we are able to measure the position of DNA coated colloids at sub-millisecond resolution and in real-time. We present the first electrophoretic force and simultaneous ionic-current measurements of a single DNA molecule inside the orifice of a nanocapillary.