Normal Liquid Helium-3 in the Static Fluctuation Approximation

Research paper by M. K. Al-Sugheir, H. B. Ghassib

Indexed on: 01 Apr '02Published on: 01 Apr '02Published in: International Journal of Theoretical Physics


In this paper normal liquid helium-3 is studied for the first time within the framework of the so-called static fluctuation approximation. This is based on the replacement of the square of the local-field operator with its mean value. A closed set of nonlinear integral equations is derived for neutral many-fermionic systems. This set is solved numerically by an iteration method for a realistic interhelium potential. The thermodynamic properties are then obtained for normal liquid helium-3. The quadratic-fluctuation approximation is found to be valid for this system in the low-temperature limit (≤0.25 K). Our results are presented in a set of figures. The role of the interaction is emphasized, and the functional dependence on the temperature of key thermodynamic quantities is derived for normal liquid helium-3.