Nonresonant echo spectroscopy of inhomogeneously broadened two-level systems

Research paper by V. S. Kuz'min, G. G. Fedoruk

Indexed on: 01 Jul '93Published on: 01 Jul '93Published in: Russian Physics Journal


Effects which arise in inhomogeneously broadened systems upon nonresonant excitation are examined theoretically. The effect of such excitation on the signals representing a decaying free polarization and a two-pulse echo is discussed. The onset of echo signals generated in two-pulse retarded nutation during the application of a field is studied. The response can acquire a multicomponent structure. This structure is manifested in the appearance of a single-pulse echo, eight satellites in the two-pulse echo, and four nutation echo signals in the retarded two-pulse nutation. An experimental study of these effects is reported. The possibility of using them to determine relaxation times is analyzed.