Nonperturbative True Muonium on the Light Front with TMSWIFT

Research paper by Henry Lamm, Richard F. Lebed

Indexed on: 21 Jan '16Published on: 21 Jan '16Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


The true muonium $(\mu\bar{\mu})$ bound state presents an interesting test of light-cone quantization techniques. In addition to exhibiting the standard problems of handling non-perturbative calculations, true muonium requires correct treatment of $e\bar{e}$ Fock-state contributions. Having previously produced a crude model of true muonium using the method of iterated resolvents, our current work has focused on the inclusion of the box diagrams to improve the cutoff-dependent issues of the model. Further, a parallel computer code, TMSWIFT, allowing for smaller numerical uncertainties, has been developed. This work focuses on the current state of these efforts to develop a model of true muonium that is testable at near-term experiments.