Nonperturbative parton distributions and the proton spin problem

Research paper by Yu. A. Simonov

Indexed on: 28 Jun '16Published on: 28 Jun '16Published in: Physics of Atomic Nuclei


The Lorentz contracted form of the static wave functions is used to calculate the valence parton distributions for mesons and baryons, boosting the rest frame solutions of the path integral Hamiltonian. It is argued that nonperturbative parton densities are due to excitedmultigluon baryon states. A simplemodel is proposed for these states ensuring realistic behavior of valence and sea quarks and gluon parton densities at Q2 = 10 (GeV/c)2. Applying the same model to the proton spin problem one obtains Σ3 = 0.18 for the same Q2.