Nonlocality improves Deutsch algorithm

Research paper by Koji Nagata, Sangkyung Lee, Jaewook Ahn

Indexed on: 28 Nov '08Published on: 28 Nov '08Published in: Quantum Physics


Recently, [{arXiv:0810.3134}] is accepted and published. We show that the Bell inequalities lead to a new type of linear-optical Deutsch algorithms. We have considered a use of entangled photon pairs to determine simultaneously and probabilistically two unknown functions. The usual Deutsch algorithm determines one unknown function and exhibits a two to one speed up in a certain computation on a quantum computer rather than on a classical computer. We found that the violation of Bell locality in the Hilbert space formalism of quantum theory predicts that the proposed {\it probabilistic} Deutsch algorithm for computing two unknown functions exhibits at least a $2\sqrt{2}(\simeq 2.83)$ to one speed up.