Nonlinear thermo-electromagnetic analysis of inductive heating processes

Research paper by Tobias Gleim, Bettina Schröder, Detlef Kuhl

Indexed on: 17 Mar '15Published on: 17 Mar '15Published in: Archive of Applied Mechanics


The current paper establishes an axisymmetric model for an inductive heating process. Therein, the fully coupled Maxwell equations assuming a temperature-dependent permeability are combined with the nonlinear heat conduction equation to yield a monolithic solution strategy. Latter is based on a consistent linearization together with a higher-order finite element discretization using Galerkin’s method in space as well as in time. Furthermore, the residual error is introduced to open an alternative way for a numerically efficient estimation of the time integration’s accuracy. Simulation results of the electric, magnetic and thermal field are provided together with parameter studies concerning spatial discretization, frequency dependence and penetration depth of the heating zone. Another analyzed topic is the residual error and its estimation quality regarding polynomial degree and time step size.