Nonlinear Cauchy-Riemann Equations and Liouville Equation For Conformal Metrics

Research paper by Tuğçe Parlakgörür, Oktay K. Pashaev

Indexed on: 30 Jun '17Published on: 30 Jun '17Published in: arXiv - Nonlinear Sciences - Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems


We introduce the Nonlinear Cauchy-Riemann equations as B\"{a}cklund transformations for several nonlinear and linear partial differential equations. From these equations we treat in details the Laplace and the Liouville equations by deriving general solution for the nonlinear Liouville equation. By M\"{o}bius transformation we relate solutions for the Poincare model of hyperbolic geometry, the Klein model in half-plane and the pseudo-sphere. Conformal form of the constant curvature metrics in these geometries, stereographic projections and special solutions are discussed. Then we introduce the hyperbolic analog of the Riemann sphere, which we call the Riemann pseudosphere. We identify point at infinity on this pseudosphere and show that it can be used in complex analysis as an alternative to usual Riemann sphere to extend the complex plane. Interpretation of symmetric and antipodal points on both, the Riemann sphere and the Riemann pseudo-sphere, are given. By M\"{o}bius transformation and homogenous coordinates, the most general solution of Liouville equation as discussed by Crowdy is derived.