Non-transferrin-bound iron in plasma following administration of oral iron drugs.

Research paper by Bernd B Dresow, Doerte D Petersen, Roland R Fischer, Peter P Nielsen

Indexed on: 14 Sep '07Published on: 14 Sep '07Published in: BioMetals


Non-transferrin-bound iron (NTBI) was detected in serum samples from volunteers with normal iron stores or from patients with iron deficiency anaemia after oral application of pharmaceutical iron preparations. Following a 100 mg ferrous iron dosage, NTBI values up to 9 muM were found within the time period of 1-4 h after administration whereas transferrin saturation was clearly below 100%. Smaller iron dosages (10 and 30 mg) gave lower but still measurable NTBI values. The physiological relevance of this finding for patients under iron medication has to be elucidated.