Non-supersymmetric smooth geometries and D1-D5-P bound states

Research paper by Vishnu Jejjala, Owen Madden, Simon F. Ross, Georgina Titchener

Indexed on: 13 Jul '05Published on: 13 Jul '05Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We construct smooth non-supersymmetric soliton solutions with D1-brane, D5-brane and momentum charges in type IIB supergravity compactified on T^4 x S^1, with the charges along the compact directions. This generalises previous studies of smooth supersymmetric solutions. The solutions are obtained by considering a known family of U(1) x U(1) invariant metrics, and studying the conditions imposed by requiring smoothness. We discuss the relation of our solutions to states in the CFT describing the D1-D5 system, and describe various interesting features of the geometry.