Non-Supersymmetric Open String Vacua

Research paper by Carlo Angelantonj

Indexed on: 08 Jul '99Published on: 08 Jul '99Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We review the construction of non-supersymmetric open string vacua in various dimensions. They can be obtained either projecting the (compactified) non-supersymmetric 0B theory, or applying the Scherk-Schwarz mechanism to open strings. Generically, these vacua generate a non-vanishing cosmological constant. However, one can construct particular kinds of Scherk-Schwarz compactifications with vanishing cosmological constant, at least for low orders, based on asymmetric orbifolds. A generic feature of these models is that supersymmetry remains unbroken on the branes at all mass level, while it is broken in the bulk in a way that preserves Fermi-Bose degeneracy at each mass level in the perturbative string spectrum.