Non-spectator contribution: A mechanism for inclusive B-> X_s eta' and exclusive B-> K(*) eta' decays

Research paper by M. R. Ahmady, E. Kou, A. Sugamoto

Indexed on: 28 Oct '97Published on: 28 Oct '97Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


We propose a mechanism which can explain the large BR(B-> X_s eta')~ 10^(-3) observed by CLEO. In this mechanism, eta' is produced by the fusion of two gluons, one from QCD penguin b->sg and the other one emitted by the light quark inside the B meson. The inclusive decay rate which is calculated via using the factorization assumption, can easily account for the observed branching ratio. We also estimate the exclusive branching ratio BR(B->K eta')=7.0X10^(-5) which is in good agreement with the experimental data and present our prediction for K* mode BR(B->K* eta')=3.4X10^(-5).