Non-Perturbative Gravity and the Spin of the Lattice Graviton

Research paper by Herbert W. Hamber, Ruth M. Williams

Indexed on: 06 Jul '04Published on: 06 Jul '04Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


The lattice formulation of quantum gravity provides a natural framework in which non-perturbative properties of the ground state can be studied in detail. In this paper we investigate how the lattice results relate to the continuum semiclassical expansion about smooth manifolds. As an example we give an explicit form for the lattice ground state wave functional for semiclassical geometries. We then do a detailed comparison between the more recent predictions from the lattice regularized theory, and results obtained in the continuum for the non-trivial ultraviolet fixed point of quantum gravity found using weak field and non-perturbative methods. In particular we focus on the derivative of the beta function at the fixed point and the related universal critical exponent $\nu$ for gravitation. Based on recently available lattice and continuum results we assess the evidence for the presence of a massless spin two particle in the continuum limit of the strongly coupled lattice theory. Finally we compare the lattice prediction for the vacuum-polarization induced weak scale dependence of the gravitational coupling with recent calculations in the continuum, finding similar effects.