Non-Gorenstein isolated singularities of graded countable Cohen-Macaulay type

Research paper by Branden Stone

Indexed on: 23 Jul '13Published on: 23 Jul '13Published in: Mathematics - Commutative Algebra


In this paper we show a partial answer the a question of C. Huneke and G. Leuschke (2003): Let R be a standard graded Cohen-Macaulay ring of graded countable Cohen-Macaulay representation type, and assume that R has an isolated singularity. Is R then necessarily of graded finite Cohen-Macaulay representation type? In particular, this question has an affirmative answer for standard graded non-Gorenstein rings as well as for standard graded Gorenstein rings of minimal multiplicity. Along the way, we obtain a partial classification of graded Cohen-Macaulay rings of graded countable Cohen-Macaulay type.