Non-Escaping Sets in Conformal Dynamical Systems and Singular Perturbations of Perron-Frobenius Operators

Research paper by Mark Pollicott, Mariusz Urbanski

Indexed on: 12 Sep '16Published on: 12 Sep '16Published in: arXiv - Mathematics - Dynamical Systems


The study of escape rates for a ball in a dynamical systems has been much studied. Understanding the asymptotic behavior of the escape rate as the radius of the ball tends to zero is an especially subtle problem. In the case of hyperbolic conformal systems this has been addressed by various authors. In this paper we consider a far more general realm of conformal maps where the analysis is correspondingly more complicated. We prove the existence of escape rates and calculate them in the context of countable alphabets, either finite or infinite, uniformly contracting conformal graph directed Markov systems with their special case of conformal countable alphabet iterated function systems. This goal is achieved by developing the appropriate theory of singular perturbations of Perron-Frobenius (transfer) operators associated with countable alphabet subshifts of finite type and H\"older continuous summable potentials. This is the key ingredient for further results about other conformal systems. These include topological Collet-Eckmann multimodal interval maps and rational maps of the Riemann sphere (an equivalent formulation is to be uniformly hyperbolic on periodic points), and also a large class of transcendental meromorphic functions.