Non-Abelian Einstein-Born-Infeld-Dilaton Cosmology

Research paper by A. Fuzfa, J. -M. Alimi

Indexed on: 05 Jan '06Published on: 05 Jan '06Published in: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology


The non-abelian Einstein-Born-Infeld-Dilaton theory, which rules the dynamics of tensor-scalar gravitation coupled to a $su(2)$-valued gauge field ruled by Born-Infeld lagrangian, is studied in a cosmological framework. The microscopic energy exchange between the gauge field and the dilaton which results from a non-universality of the coupling to gravity modifies the usual behaviour of tensor-scalar theories coupled to matter fluids. General cosmological evolutions are derived for different couplings to gravitation and a comparison to universal coupling is highlighted. Evidences of cosmic acceleration are presented when the evolution is interpreted in the Jordan physical frame of a matter respecting the weak equivalence principle. The importance for the mechanism of cosmic acceleration of the dynamics of the Born-Infeld gauge field, the attraction role of the matter fluid and the non-universality of the gravitational couplings is briefly outlined.