Noether-Wald Charges in Critical Gravity

Research paper by David Rivera-Betancour, Rodrigo Olea

Indexed on: 28 Jun '18Published on: 24 Jun '18Published in: Journal of physics. Conference series


Critical Gravity theory is defined by a particular combination of quadratic couplings in the curvature added on top of 4D Einstein-Hilbert action with negative cosmological constant. As the Lagrangian is given by a Weyl-squared term, the asymptotic form of the curvature is not modified. The coupling of the W eyl 2 term is such the massive scalar mode is eliminated and the massive spin-2 mode become massless, rendering the theory consistent around the critical point. In the present work, we construct the Noether-Wald charges for the action of Critical Gravity. Such construction makes manifest a defining property of this theory: both the energy and entropy for Einstein black holes vanish identically.