NMR structure of human thymosin alpha-1.

Research paper by Miguel-Angel MA Elizondo-Riojas, Steven M SM Chamow, Cynthia W CW Tuthill, David G DG Gorenstein, David E DE Volk

Indexed on: 26 Nov '11Published on: 26 Nov '11Published in: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications


800 MHz NMR structure of the 28-residue peptide thymosin alpha-1 in 40% TFE/60% water (v/v) has been determined. Restrained molecular dynamic simulations with an explicit solvent box containing 40% TFE/60% TIP3P water (v/v) were used, in order to get the 3D model of the NMR structure. We found that the peptide adopts a structured conformation having two stable regions: an alpha-helix region from residues 14 to 26 and two double β-turns in the N-terminal twelve residues which form a distorted helical structure.