Nicotiana chloroplast genome : 8. Localization of genes for subunits of ATP synthase, the cytochrome b-f complex and the 32 kD protein.

Research paper by C M CM Lin, S D SD Kung

Indexed on: 01 Jun '84Published on: 01 Jun '84Published in: Theoretical and Applied Genetics


Using the existing restriction map and probes from wheat and pea ct-DNA, seven protein genes have been localized in the chloroplast genome of N. tabacum. On the clock-like map, the location of each gene is indicated by its time zone: the 15.2 kD polypeptide of the cytochrome b/f complex at 3∶15, cytochrome f at 4∶30, LS of RuBPCase at 4∶50, both β and ɛ subunits of ATP synthase at or near 5∶00, proton-translocating subunit of ATP synthase at 8∶20, α subunit of ATP synthase at 8∶40 and the 32 kD protein at 9∶30. The genome organization of Nicotiana chloroplast DNA is similar to spinach.