Nickel(II) α-diimine catalysts with carboxyl groups for ethylene oligomerization and polymerization

Research paper by Bing Liu, Meng-zhe Fang, Su-yun Jie, Zhi-yang Bu, Bo-Geng Li

Indexed on: 12 Dec '15Published on: 12 Dec '15Published in: Chinese Journal of Polymer Science


A series of nickel(II) α-diimine complexes with strong electron-withdrawing carboxyl groups, having reactive hydrogen atoms, were prepared and used as precatalysts for ethylene oligomerization and/or polymerization. The influence of metal halides and ligand structure on the catalytic activity and properties of products was investigated. The results showed that nickel bromide was much more active than nickel chloride, and the substituents at the ortho-position of aryl ring had large influence on the properties of products. Therefore, the products ranging from liquid oligomers to polymers could be readily obtained by the variation of the substituents on the ligands and reaction conditions.