Nickel hydroxide, a reverend classic for rechargable batteries—Comment on an article on NiO electrodes for supercapacitors, this journal 74 (2016) 241–247

Research paper by Marek Petrik

Indexed on: 26 Mar '17Published on: 11 Jan '17Published in: Materials Research Bulletin


A reappraisal of a recently published experimental study of a new positive electrode material for supercapacitors [this journal 74 (2016) 241–247] is presented. It is concluded that a comparison with already available technology should always come first when evaluating the performance of a new electrode material. In this context, the long history and undiminished practical importance of nickel hydroxide as a positive electrode material are noted. The relevance of basic college chemistry for experimental work on new electrode materials is demonstrated. The desirability of providing reliable literature references in connection with such work is emphasized.

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