Ni3Al and Ni3Ge. Energy of plane surface defects and abnormal temperature dependence of flow stress

Research paper by E. V. Kozlov, Yu. A. Abzaev, Yu. V. Solov’eva, V. A. Starenchenko, N. A. Koneva

Indexed on: 11 Sep '09Published on: 11 Sep '09Published in: Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics


A significant temperature anomaly of the yield point is observed in Ni3Al and Ni3Ge alloys with the L12 superstructure. The temperature anomaly is caused by the thin structure of sliding superdislocations and plane defects in L12 entering the superdislocation structure. The temperature and concentration dependences of the parameters characterizing in the best way the temperature strengthening in Ni3(Al1 − x, Gex) alloys are investigated. It is shown that the alloying Ge element leads to more pronounced manifestation of the temperature strengthening effect in Ni3(Al1 − x, Gex).