New Spectrophotometric Data on the Nuclei of the Galaxies Kaz 26 and Kaz 73

Research paper by M. A. Kazarian, J. R. Martirossian

Indexed on: 01 Apr '01Published on: 01 Apr '01Published in: Astrophysics


The results of a spectroscopic study of the nuclei of the galaxies Kaz 26 and Kaz 73 are presented. The relative intensities of emission lines and the equivalent widths, halfwidths, and expansion velocities of lines at the continuum level are calculated. The electron densities and the masses of the gaseous components of their nuclei are determined. The numbers of stars generating the emission from the gaseous components and nuclei of the galaxies are also determined. The degree of ionization of the gas in each galactic nucleus is calculated. It is concluded that the nucleus of Kaz 26 resembles that of a "starburst" galaxy in its physical properties. It is shown that Kaz 73 is a liner (Sy 3).