New species of Triplocania Roesler (Psocodea, 'Psocoptera', Ptiloneuridae), from Brazil and Ecuador.

Research paper by Alberto Moreira AM Da Silva Neto, José Albertino JA Rafael, Alfonso N García AN Aldrete

Indexed on: 09 Jun '15Published on: 09 Jun '15Published in: ZooKeys


Four species of Triplocania, three with M3 simple, based on male specimens and one with forewing M3 forked, based on male and female specimens, are here described and illustrated, namely: Triplocaniabravoi sp. n. (Napo: Ecuador), Triplocaniaerwini sp. n. (Napo: Ecuador), Triplocaniatrifida sp. n. (Mato Grosso and Rondônia: Brazil) and Triplocanialamasoides sp. n. (Rondônia: Brazil). They differ from all the other species in the genus, in which the males are known, by the hypandrium and phallosome structures. The female is first described for the M3 forked group. The identification key for males of the M3 forked group is updated.