New flavanones from Scutellaria phyllostachya roots

Research paper by G. U. Siddikov, M. P. Yuldashev, S. F. Aripova, A. D. Vdovin, N. D. Abdullaev, E. Kh. Botirov

Indexed on: 01 Jan '08Published on: 01 Jan '08Published in: Chemistry of Natural Compounds


The new natural flavanones (+)-5,2′-dihydroxy-6,6′,7-trimethoxyflavanone and (+)-5,2′-dihydroxy-6,6′,7,8-tetramethoxyflavanone in addition to the known flavones chrysin, norwogonin, and wogonin were isolated from Scutellaria phyllostachya roots. The structures of the isolated compounds were established using IR, UV and PMR spectra.