New Diluted Ferromagnetic Semiconductor isostructural to 122 type iron pnictide superconductor with TC up to 180 K

Research paper by K. Zhao, Z. Deng, X. C. Wang, W. Han, J. L. Zhu, X. Li, Q. Q. Liu, R. C. Yu, T. Goko, B. Frandsen, Lian Liu, Fanlong Ning, Y. J. Uemura, H. Dabkowska, G. M. Luke, et al.

Indexed on: 28 Mar '13Published on: 28 Mar '13Published in: Physics - Materials Science


Diluted magnetic semiconductors (DMS) have received much attention due to its potential applications to spintronics devices. A prototypical system (Ga,Mn)As has been widely studied since 1990s. The simultaneous spin and charge doping via hetero-valence (Ga3+,Mn2+) substitution, however, resulted in severely limited solubility without availability of bulk specimens. Previously we synthesized a new diluted ferromagnetic semiconductor of bulk Li(Zn,Mn)As with Tc up to 50K, where isovalent (Zn,Mn) spin doping was separated from charge control via Li concentrations. Here we report the synthesis of a new diluted ferromagnetic semiconductor (Ba1-xKx)(Zn1-yMny)2As2, isostructural to iron 122 system, where holes are doped via (Ba2+, K1+), while spins via (Zn2+,Mn2+) substitutions. Bulk samples with x=0.1-0.3 and y=0.05-0.15 exhibit ferromagnetic order with TC up to 180K, comparable to that of record high Tc for Ga(MnAs), significantly enhanced than Li(Zn,Mn)As. Moreover the (Ba,K)(Zn,Mn)2As2 shares the same 122 crystal structure with semiconducting BaZn2As2, antiferromagnetic BaMn2As2, and superconducting (Ba,K)Fe2As2, which makes them promising to the development of multilayer functional devices.

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