New bounds for expected delay in FIFO M/G/c queues

Research paper by Alan Scheller-Wolf, Karl Sigman

Indexed on: 01 Oct '97Published on: 01 Oct '97Published in: Queueing Systems


Most bounds for expected delay, E[D], in GI/GI/c queues are modifications of bounds for the GI/GI/1 case. In this paper we exploit a new delay recursion for the GI/GI/c queue to produce bounds of a different sort when the traffic intensity p = λ/μ = E[S]/E[T] is less than the integer portion of the number of servers divided by two. (S AND T denote generic service and interarrival times, respectively.) We derive two different families of new bounds for expected delay, both in terms of moments of S AND T. Our first bound is applicable when E[S2] < ∞. Our second bound for the first time does not require finite variance of S; it only involves terms of the form E[Sβ], where 1 < β < 2. We conclude by comparing our bounds to the best known bound of this type, as well as values obtained from simulation.