Neutronic feasibility study of using a multipurpose MNSR for BNCT, NR, and NAA.

Research paper by J J Mokhtari, F F Faghihi, M H Choopan MHC Dastjerdi, J J Khorsandi

Indexed on: 07 Apr '20Published on: 07 Apr '20Published in: Applied Radiation and Isotopes


In this study, the conceptual design of a multipurpose research reactor for boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT), neutron radiography (NR) and neutron activation analysis (NAA) applications has been performed. Specifically, a suitable epithermal neutron flux (φ) of about 1×10 (n.cm.s) for BNCT and high quality thermal neutron flux (φ) of above 1×10 (n.cm.s)for NR are carried out based on our LEU reactor core designing. The UO fuel with density of 10.5 g/cm and enrichment of 12.4% is applied as an appropriate LEU fuel. The reactor safety is assured by designing the safety control rod system with two banks. A fission converter facility (FCF) consists of 19 fuel rods of UO is used to increase φ for BNCT treatment. Furthermore, a unique thermal column of heavy water is used to increase φ for NR purpose. Four internal irradiation sites, two external irradiation sites, and one large thermal column irradiation site are considered at the reactor which can be used for NAA application. The results of neutronic calculations show that the reactor meets the neutronic design limits for a low power research reactor. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.